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Let our designer customize your lampshades in Norwalk, CT

Have you been looking for the perfect lighting décor to add to a room in your home or office? Instead of going to your local department store, seek the expertise of the custom lampshade designer at Florentia Lamps in Norwalk, CT. Our designer focuses on design, creation, restoration and couture work inspired by fabric, fashion, history and culture.

Discover high-quality, hand sewn lampshades that are customized just for you at an affordable price when you call 203-505-3132.

Trust an experienced designer to enhance your lighting

Our lampshade designer has been creating lampshades for over 16 years. Even after she had years of experience practicing, she sought to perfect her skills by going to school to learn how to do letter garment sewing and design. That’s when she started Florentia Lamps. Rely on her to be detail-oriented and to create a product that’s couture quality at a price you can afford.

Get in touch with our lampshade designer to discuss your ideas.

Let’s get started on your project

Do you have an idea in mind for the custom lampshade you envision for your home or office?

The process is simple:

  • Get in touch with our lampshade designer by calling or sending her an email.
  • Discuss your ideas with her and give her an idea of the type of lampshade you’re looking for.
  • Coordinate a time to sit down with our designer face-to-face for a consultation.
  • Iron out the details of whether she’ll be creating a lampshade from scratch or recreating another design.
  • Determine the fabric, sizing and the shape of your lampshade.
  • Wait for the finished product, which depending on the nature of the design, could take anywhere between two days and two weeks.

Call 203-505-3132 to get started on your custom lampshade design.

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