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Meet Our Lampshade Designer Klari Sillo

Your Decor Should Reflect Your Unique Personality

Custom Lampshades by Florentia Lamps

Houte Couture

All custom designed just for you.

Florentia Lamps and Custom Lampshades ,was established by Klari Sillo in 2001 and is located in Norwalk. CT USA . Klari’s vision and inspiration reflect her love of fabric,history ,culture and her belief that spectacular lampshades make a statement of their own.

Klari brings an appreciation for colors,designs and her extensive experience working with the finest fabrics to every project from planning through completion.Her couture work reflects who she is ,and passion she brings to each and every project.”It is not enough to see the fabric, you have to feel it to know how it will hug the base .KS”

Florentia Lamps and Custom Lampshades can be seen in many of the finest Connecticut and New York Homes.They are created in Limited quantities due to their unique designs,quality workmanship and fine details.

My Background

When I meet people for the fist time the very first question I have been asked:

Where are you from?

I often joke and say -Boston!-because I do have an accent. Witch I learned to appreciate by years. I Grew up going to a bilingual school in Hungary learning Croatian and Hungarian ,therefore both languages are my mother tongues.I also learned some Russian and Italian sadly I never mastered those languages. I am part Croatian and part Hungarian.

I grew up in southern region of Hungary,County of Baranya ,and a wonderful Mediterranean city called Pecs. I graduated from Tarr Imre Industrial Trade School in Pecs-Hungary.I studied sewing and leather garment design form 1989-1992.While attending school I worked for Hunor,INC. honing my skills making leather clothing for markets in Italy and throughout Europe.I also was fortunate to model some of the designs on market ,as it was part of my journey, being part of Reno- Oriogo Model school.I have continued my work in the USA ,where I was Honored to make lampshades for Naomi Di Gavriel, Lamps and Shades Ltd.New Canaan CT

“I am blessed in for all I have. My journey has not been easy but it made me who I am. Passion will always lead me to strive for better.So please join my Journey, and let me help you in your design needs.”

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