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Custom lampshade design services in Norwalk, CT

When you finally decide you need to update the lighting in your home or office, don’t go to the local department store and purchase lampshades or lighting that lack character. Instead, work with the custom lampshade designer at Florentia Lamps to create custom lampshades.

When you meet with her, she’ll explain that:

Lampshades are unique and designed according to each client’s unique tastes
Each lampshade and project receives her special attention
The light reflects differently off the fabric in a unique way for every lampshade she creates
She can create completely new lampshades or recreate an antique

Her goal is to show her clients how much passion, effort and detail she puts into each piece. Count on Florentia Lamps to create beautiful lampshades for you.

Set up your consultation today

Set up your consultation today

Our lampshade designer is a passionate problem solver. No matter what type of custom lampshade you have in mind, you can trust her to bring your vision to life. Get started on your custom design when you call Florentia Lamps in Norwalk, CT at 203-505-3132 today.